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To grow your practice you need new patients, and to get new patients you need to market yourself. You must craft a unique message that differentiates you from the hundred other dentists who also claim to be highly skilled, quality focused, and patient oriented. You then need to get that message in front of patients faster and more effectively than your many competitors. This takes specific knowledge and experience that can only be found in a full service dental marketing company.


Effective marketing means creating an identity that convinces new patients to come to you. Our dental-specific specialists in Local SEO, online advertising, social media, branding, and reputation work together to create a unique marketing plan for you. We then make it happen. We constantly fine-tune your campaigns and track the results to prove our value and ensure your practice continues to grow year after year.


You have unique needs and marketing goals. If you just need an original logo, our graphics artists will help. If you just want a winning website that is guaranteed to rank on the first page of Google, we will provide that. If you want to market on Facebook or effectively use mailers, we bring the experience of hundreds of successful campaigns. If you want to explode to a hundred new patients per month, we can also make that happen. We value long-term relationships and can leverage our industry knowledge and experience to fulfill any of your marketing goals.

Marketing Solutions


Five seconds. That’s how long your website has to get the attention of a new patient’s attention, before she clicks on to the competition. You then have one minute to win her trust. You need a unique, personal, engaging website to stand out from the crowd. That’s what we do.

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New patients are looking for dentists on the first page of Google. If you’re not on the first page, you’re not getting noticed. We guarantee you’ll be on the first page of Google for at least two dental services you offer, or we’ll work for free. We’re a Silicon Valley company and we know how Local SEO works.

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Intelligent, targeted ads on Google are very effective. Imagine when a patient searches for “CPAP” or “Sleep Center” and your message pops up explaining there’s a much more comfortable alternative. We’ll design the ad, track the effectiveness, and make sure you get patients.

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Get social. It’s easy and fun, and necessary. We’ll create practice pages and standardize your brand across Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube, Yelp and Twitter. We will regularly post clinical content and show you how to augment it with personal narratives.

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What makes you unique? Why should patients choose you over a dozen other doctors nearby? Saying you’re a nice doctor with a clean office doesn’t cut it. You need to build and project a brand that showcases who you are and why you’re the best. We’re the best at doing that for you.

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Direct Mail works, especially with older patients who tend to be less online and more in need of dental work. Grow your practice with unique, eye-catching mailers that target specific demographics. We’ll also create effective flyers, review cards, brochures and much more for patients.

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Google Guarantee

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Sign up for a new locally optimized dental practice website with on-going local seo and we guarantee your practice will be found on the first page of Google for at least two dental services you provide or we will work for free.

Our “Google Guarantee”

We guarantee your Themed or Semi-Custom site will organically rank on the first page of Google for local searches for at least two services within one year after we begin our SEO services, or we’ll work for free until it does.

Custom Locally Optimized Dental Practice Website $995

On-going Local SEO + Social Media Marketing + Website Hosting & Maintenance $500 per/mo

Google first page ranking guarantee with-in 6 months of the launch of your new website.

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Marketing Masters

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Reveal becomes your in-house, full-time marketing company with extensive service and consultations and projects for one set monthly fee. This is for practices that want to do full-press, extensive marketing to accelerate growth.

Features of the Master’s Program

  • Marketing Consulting
  • Monthly Reviews
  • Website Hosting
  • SEO
  • Patient Education Videos
  • Email Hosting
  • Online Forms & HIPAA Storage
  • Google AdWords
  • Practice Branding
  • Identity Standardization
  • Additional print or online campaigns

Set-up fees still apply for new website construction, Online Forms creation, and AdWords, and Direct Mail.

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